Cyprus welcomes epic

Posted on: 20/06/2019

MTN becomes epic and prepares us for an epic communication experience!  

In a festive atmosphere, the new name of MTN was revealed. The brand name epic launches a new era for the company, as well as for the country's telecommunications.  

The new brand name addresses the experience consumers will enjoy; an experience that the company promises to offer by combining two powerful features: a state-of-the-art network with great value.  

This promise is reflected in the tagline that accompanies the new logo: Great network. Great value.  

At the event, epic’s Chief Executive Officer Thanos Chronopoulos talked about the brand philosophy, the new corporate culture and the diversified way of operating epic.  

Inter alia, Mr. Chronopoulos stated: "As of today, there is a breath of fresh air in our market, inaugurating a new era, which leads to the future.  

In this new era, our company plans to play a leading role. To bring the digital revolution closer to everyone. This is no exaggeration: We have changed everything- from the smallest to the largest element. And this day proves it!  

I am pleased to welcome you to a new era for Cypriot telecommunications. A new era that brings to the country technological leadership, innovation, trust.  

Our goal is to enable consumers to enjoy a state-of-the-art network and great value through a promise we give them:  

"Great network. Great value":  

A combination of two powerful features, two elements, which, when brought together, transform communication into an epic experience," he stated.   With the new brand name, the TV spot of the first advertising campaign of epic was also presented.  

What it means to be epic  

In the modern age where every minute counts, where communication is everything, you have the demand to express yourself without limits, in a constantly evolving environment.   You want to be free, to feel creative through the unlimited possibilities that technology gives you, to feel that you are at the heart of your digital world. When communication exceeds your expectations through constant growth and improvement, then your world is changing, while something exciting and unique is created. Everything is possible. Everything is feasible.  

This is epic.  

It is epic to combine a state-of-the-art network with great value in the services we provide.  

It is epic to introduce the technological avant-garde and determination of an ambitious European family of the industry that you are now part of.  

A change into practice  

In his speech, Mr. Chronopoulos also referred to the pillars of the new strategy and to the company’s investment plan of for the forthcoming years:

"But what does it mean to change everything? Three are the main pillars of change: our infrastructure, our customers’ experience and the internal operations.  

Firstly, we are radically changing our infrastructure: With an investment of over 40 million euros, we are creating a super-fast network with 10 times more capacity than in the past. Essentially, we are talking about a brand new network that will gradually cover the whole of the Republic of Cyprus and will upgrade the customers’ daily communication experience substantially and practically.  

The new, state-of-the-art, super-fast network will cover all current and future needs of our customers, wherever in Cyprus they may be. This announcement on its own is important. And it makes everything more important the fact that the investment will be completed within 1.5 year instead of 4 as it was initially planned.  

It is a unique infrastructure project for Cypriot telecommunications as implementation speeds prove our new culture in practice; the new way which we will be proceeding from now on.  

We are currently expanding our 4G network on the island at a fast pace, in order not to leave any corner of the country uncovered while we are expanding our 4.5G coverage in urban areas, in order to meet the increasing demands of businesses and individuals.  

We are talking about a high-quality coverage of 4G, 4.5G networks so that our subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted, fast internet access and seamless communication.  

In addition, we are working hard to bring more households and businesses to the digital age the soonest possible. This is being achieved through access to the state-of-the-art new mobile network and through an upgrade of their access to fixed broadband networks.  

We declare our intention to implement a privately-owned fiber optic network for households which will deliver unbelievably fast bandwidth and it will be a unique experience. We stand ready to participate in the collective effort towards this goal: To upgrade the country's infrastructure as a whole.   Secondly, we are decisively focused on the customers. We put them at the heart of our everyday lives. This requires emphasis on immediacy, flexibility and speed to meet and exceed the customers’ needs.  

We are changing our customer service operations to respond quicker, resolving their issues at the best possible way:  

We have completed the redesign of our call centre by locating it at the heart of our operations, in our Nicosia headquarters, so that our customers to be served immediately and efficiently. "  

Finally, we are restructuring radically our internal operations. We are implementing new, unified tools to help us keep track of the customers’ requests from the beginning to the end, ensuring they receive the best possible services, while this process helps us monitor and, therefore, improve continuously ourselves.      

New campaign  

Today, the new, impressive epic campaign is on air, which displays the brand's new name with TV spots, outdoor and digital advertising.

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